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CAA logoResidential advisory services CAA Québec reminds us of the importance of carefully choosing suppliers to work in our home! Because we can not all be experts it is good to get good advice!M.Bricole en

Centre de l’escalier is proud to be accredited CAA Habitation Québec.

You need tips for building or renovating your home or for your next move? CAA-Quebec is here!

One call is enough! It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a do-it-yourselfer, an owner or a tenant, at home or at your cottage: one call is all it takes.

Get wise advice from CAA-Quebec’s professionals on a host of residential topics:

  • – purchase, sale or renovation of your home;
  • – choosing the right specialist from our vast network of more than 700 approved suppliers;
  • – estimates, contracts, warranties and standards;
  • –  building inspections;
  • –  interior and exterior design;
  • – potential improvements and solutions;
  • –  tips on doing the work yourself;
  • –  air quality, the environment and energy savings.


In an emergency: Your water heater has burst. It’s the middle of the night. What to do?

Our 24/7 Emergency service is there for you! 1-888-627-6666   Visit


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