The heart and soul of your home


Architectural feature in itself, the staircase is the centerpiece of your interior. At a time when the well-being at home plays a vital role, it is certainly an piece not to be overlooked.

Currently, the trend is to the different textures of wood, the core component with which your stair project will be carried. Architectural styles are much more zen and refined, and the design more contemporary. Different grades are available on the market: from natural grade with variations in color (dark to light) to the select grade uniform in color.

Whether you choose oak, cherry, maple, ash, walnut, pine, exotic wood or any other species with its own characteristics, we can help you find the type of staircase you want. Our team of colorists develop the color of your choice depending on the species, grade and texture of wood chosen and according to the arrangement with your floor or simply your preference.

Thanks to the unique in factory finishing process which we are pioneers, our stairs are of unmatched hardness, do not emit any smell of varnish or high vapor and can be used immediately after installation.

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