01.    Stair riser

Vertical portion between two steps.

02.    False stringer

(Stairs and steps) Junction part between the treads and risers and depending on the angle of the stairs. It is pressed against the walls and differs from the stringer by the fact that it is non-carrier (decorative

03.    Post

Vertical piece of wood that supports the handrail at its extremities. It can be fixed to the floor or on the tread of the staircase.

04.    Stair stringer

Bearing part, beam that support the treads of the staircase. It is parallel to the wall and follows the angle of the stairs. When a staircase is made of wood, treads and risers are embedded in its full mass. It is said carrier (of support).

05.    Stair tread

Horizontal component on which we place the foot.

06.    Nosing

Rounded or beveled part of the tread of a staircase in front of the riser.

07.    Starting step

First steps of a staircase and that is often decorative.

08.    Handrail

It belongs to the railing and surrounds the staircase over its entire length. It is the part of the staircase on which to old on.

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