Sales policy


  • The quote is valid for 30 days.
  • The quantities and price bids that are made from plans, pictures or information given by phone may be adjusted following a measurement on site.
  • It is the costumer’s responsibility to inform Centre de l’escalier of any modification to the staircase surroundings after the measurement on site (changes in configuration, floor, walls covering materials, etc.)
  • Unless otherwise specified, additional charges will be applied if the carpenter must first undo the stairs or existing ramps.
  • Unless otherwise stated, any modification of the structure that was not visible during the initial take of measurement is not included in the quotation. The structure must conform at time of installation.

Payment policy

  • A (non refundable) 30% deposit is required at time of placing order (with the exception of open account).
  • No orders will be processed until the deposit is received.
  • A payment of 60% (70% if we do not install) will be required et the time of the delivery (payable in cash, check, dated the day of delivery or by credit card). Le Centre de l’escalier reserves the right not to deliver or install the material if this condition is not met. The balance due (10%) will be payable to the carpenter et the end of installation.
  • If, following a scheduled delivery, we are unable to access the site or if the balance payable is not available at the time of delivery and a second delivery is required, transport costs will be charged.

Product features

  • The stair components are made of wood. The variations in patterns and / or colors are resource characteristics and not defects. This cannot be the object of a claim.
  • Some components will be jointed (Handrails and nosing). Treads of 8’ and over could also be jointed.
  • Press wood panels (stringers, raisers and column) of 8’ and over will be shipped in 2 pieces or assembled with an joint.
  • The components that are 16 ‘ and over may be sent in 2 pieces according to wood availability at the time of the order.
  • Wrought iron spindles and accessories may present variances in color and texture due to the handicraft finishing process and the material itself.
  • Tempered glass can present some features such as bends, localized arrows, optical distortion and strain pattern (waves of white or color are noticeable in the majority of thermally treated glasses). These characteristics are inherent in the heat-treated glass and do not constitute manufacturing defects. Glass dimensions can vary, the allowable tolerance on the glass is more or less 1/8 ” by dimensions.



  • The working day begins around 7:00 am (unless otherwise noted). At the time of the installation, not only the places will have to be free of other workers but also functional (heated, lighted access to the site cleared of snow).
  • In order to guarantee security and prevent creaking, access to the staircase will be limited to the carpenter during installation (no other worker will be allowed to circulate).
  • Unless otherwise stated, the carpenter will work directly at the foot of the stairs in an open space of at least 10 ‘x 10’.
  • Despite all precautions, installing a staircase product dust and the protection of your property is your responsibility. (See video about it on our website It is also possible that the walls surrounding the staircase may be involuntarily damaged.
  • Following the installation, carpenter cleaning is limited to pick up residues of cuts and sweep in his workspace. Unless specified when ordering, construction residues are not the responsibility of Centre de l’escalier. However, if the container is at our disposal, waste must be deposited there; otherwise they will be collected and placed where prescribed.
  • Backing behind the walls is necessary to install the wall mount handrail. If none is present the carpenter will open the gypsum to add some. Any repair (gypsum, plaster and paint) will be the costumer responsibility.

Mechandise return

All the products shown in purchase, custom made items and finished items are not returnable or cancellable (A letter is entered in column ‘A, D or F’ your quote, order or invoice).

  • The quantities quoted are measured in good faith.
  • The request for return must be sent no later than 30 days after the delivery date.
  • The request for return must be sent no later than 30 days after the delivery date. (See return policy on our website


  • Le Centre de l’escalier guarantees its products against all non-conformities such as manufacturing defects, breakage during transportation or unloading.
  • Finishing and installation integrity is guaranteed 1 year.
  • The company’s liability is limited, as applicable, to repair or replace the defective item with the same services as those originally sold.
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