Metal color and finish

The posts, balusters and metal accessories are available in several colors and finishes to coordinate with your décor and your personal taste!
See here the list of available colors and finishes.

  • Pewter (ACV)

  • Rustic silver (AR)

  • Venetien Silver (AVE)

  • English Brown (BA)

  • Ancient Brown (BE)

  • Medieval Bronze (BM)

  • Bronze with gold patina (BPO)

  • Venetien Bronze (BVE)

  • White (BW)

  • Metallic Carbon (CM)

  • Urban carbon (CU)

  • Rustic cooper (CR)

  • Arctic Grey (GA)

  • Urban Grey (GU)

  • Metallic Chestnut (MR)

  • Urban Chestnut (MU)

  • Black with silver patina (NPA)

  • Black with copper patina (NPC)

  • Black with gold patina (NPO)

  • Textured Black (NT)

  • Urban black (NU)

  • Rustic gold (OR)

  • Venetien Gold (OVE)

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